Heidelberg ministers to its community and beyond in many ways.

Sunday Morning Sermon

Reverend Dr. Marianne Unger delivers the word of God through the Sunday morning sermons.  They inspire and edify at the same time helping all to develop a closer walk with God by knowing more about Him, His Kingdom, and His word.

Click here to listen to recent sermons by Pastor Marianne Unger.

Children Sunday School

Starting at 9:30 AM every Sunday morning from September through June, our Sunday School program offers learning opportunities for all ages beginning with the preschoolers in the nursery and continuing through the 8th grade.  The nursery environment introduces the children to their first Bible stories, The Ten Commandments, structured prayer, and group singing.  They love to sing and learn of God’s gifts thru song.  Children from the ages of four through 8th grade participate in Deep Blue Discovery.

Adult Sunday School

The adult Sunday School is designed to provide the adults at Heidelberg the opportunity to study the Bible, discuss what was learned and how what the Bible teaches us can be applied to our own lives.  The adult Sunday School is very interactive and discussion is encouraged.  Various topics are covered such as Christianity, Salvation, Faith, Prayer, Bible study, and many more.

The goal is to equip the adults at Heidelberg with the Word of God so that they can apply it to their lives effecting positive change in their families, loved ones, and community.

Click here to go to the Adult Sunday School portal where you can access the lessons presented during Sunday School sessions.

Vacation Bible School

Providing Christian education for the families of the Hatfield area, every year Heidelberg holds a vacation bible school for children and adults.   Recently, we have partnered with other local congregations to help provide additional resources and leadership.  The children’s activities are planned around a central theme with craft projects, singing, and other varied happenings.  Historically, attendance and the support of local congregations have been excellent.

Prayer Ministry

This activity is held at 8:30 AM on the first Sunday of each month from October through May.  A group of about five to fifteen people gather for food, fellowship, and guided prayer.  The Pastor  usually frames the theme for our prayers and provides a moment for anyone to pray for a topic or person in need.  This gathering has become a time of comfort and spiritual growth for many of our members.